Anthony Joshua: The Next Big Heavyweight Star


Anthony Joshua announced his arrival as a professional boxer in emphatic fashion dispatching of his unbeaten opponent Leo in 1 round. Joshua,  the Olympic Superheavyweight Gold Medalists at last years London Olympics has had huge hype surrounding him ever since taking the gold medal. Joshua had several offers to turn pro immediately but he chose to wait and seek the advice of those in the sport before making his decision.

This sort of mature mentality seems to be one of the most important factors in why so many are tipping this young man to go all the way in the sport and become a real star. Before the fight Joshua looked calm and as though he has been a pro for years. He looked composed but with steely eyes of determination.

Standing at 6ft 6 and with a chiseled physique Joshua has the look of a man who lives the life of a boxer and a man who will give everything that he has got to fulfill his undoubted potential. It is not often that you see a heavyweight in such ripped condition. It really was a refreshing to see a heavyweight in such brilliant shape rather than the fleshy lumps that often enter the ring.

The fight was pure action whilst it lasted and showed to a certain extent why we are all so excited about what Joshua can do in the sport. Anthony started well landing the jab against a game, unbeaten opponent. Joshua followed up the work with the jab with some good straight rights that rocked the head of Leo straight away. He then began to walk forward and land some bigger shots on his opponent with devastating effect.

Leo did well to stay in as long as he did because Joshua looked absolutely class. Anthony had great timing and perhaps the most impressive factor was that he wasn’t rushing forward throwing big, wild bombs but was calculated and clever.

He was never in a hurry to get the job finished and looked at ease in the ring. He just seemed to soak up the atmosphere and made a very impressive start to his professional career.

Of course Joshua was expected to win and look impressive but wow did he look impressive. It is going to be interesting to see how this young man progresses over the coming years and to see who he is matched with.It is going to be a difficult task to match Joshua in the early days because most of the domestic fighters at heavyweight aren’t the greatest. There is a big difference between the top fighters in the world and then the rest.

Joshua is to be kept very busy and promoter Eddie Hearn has confirmed that he will appear on the undercard of the Kell Brook card in 3 weeks’ time. It is essential to keep Joshua busy but it is also necessary to make sure that he is matched with opponents that are actually going to challenge him.

With most young fighters you worry that complacency may be an issue but Joshua seems to be the sort of guy that will knuckle down and work hard. He knows what he has to do to get to where he wants in the sport and with his talent and mentality I see no reason why he cannot.