The Promising Future of Sacramento: John Abella


John Abella (4-0-1 2KOs) has something that a lot of people want, namely charisma and skill. In a division, super bantamweight that is known for birthing exciting matches that are the opposite of the affair that Klitschko and Povetkin engaged in last week – he stands as the one to watch in Northern California. An astute reader might ask why. Let me explain.

Abella’s foes have been tough for a fighter just getting his bearings in the sport as he has faced guys who have faced quality competition. For example, Pablo Capul, who he knocked out late – the same Capul who engaged in a competitive affair with top Bay Area super featherweight prospect Bruno Escalante. Abella also engaged in a two part series with Salvador Cifuentes, once again with little knowledge you could quickly write him off yet he gave the young Abella a stern test that he passed quite well. In the first encounter in the historic James Page comeback fight that saw Page knocked out in the second round after nearly knocking out his foe, Rahman Yusubov, who lost to Paul Mendez last week by TKO, Abella found himself getting countered frequently as well as head clashed that stopped the fight.

In the second go around, Abella truly looked like a fighter with double digit fights as he showed poise and a Peyton Manning like ability to adjust from studying the game tape. Abella won the second fight easily, and showed that he was not a one trick pony, but a fighter who is adept at looking at his fights and making changes. As Abella already has a strong following early on, it is also his fighting style that gets people excited.

Abella, who can box is not one to ever back down from a confrontation. Not unlike Wyatt Erypp heading into the OK Corral, Abella seemingly hope to win the fight quickly without a potential sacrifice , but is more than willing to fight fire with fire. This at times has put him in spots that some pundits could feel he shouldn’t be in, for example in his last fight against Cifuentes, Abella got into exchanges on the ropes that he was dominating , but still had the possibility of him getting tagged in. Abella has that electric pace that no matter the venue it feels like a larger than life experience not unlike Miguel Cotto deciding to walk to the ring with no music last week, though it may be unfair to compare him to a legend at such an early stage.

Abella, will be returning to the ring against Christian Cartier (0-2), a man who has little fight tape and not much is known about him other than his nickname, Kamikaze, which implies a disregard for traditional defense perhaps. Cartier was stopped in his first professional fight against Southern California prospect Juan Funez (2-0 1KO) and went the distance with the slick Prince Smalls (1-0-1). What I am trying to say is, Cartier is unknown for what he is and is a dangerous fighter if he chooses to engage Abella, which seemingly he has to do. Abella will be coming off a layoff of about six months and will need to not be getting any voluntary welcomes from Cartier to the ring Saturday October 12th at the Placer Fair & Events Center, Roseville, CA. For ticket information go to the following link: or call (916) 600-9126