Arum Explains Why VADA Testing For Pacquiao-Rios, Sees Manny Returning Better Than Ever


On December 8th of 2012, Juan Manuel Marquez’ one punch knockout of Manny Pacquiao was heard round the world and brought out suspicions regarding The Marquez camp and his strength and conditioning coach Angel Heredia.  For his next fight under a month away with Brandon Rios, Manny Pacquiao and his opponent will be using VADA for the anti-doping tests. Because this will be the first time, Pacquiao is being tested outside of regular commission testing; the masses thought it was the one punch knockout and the Marquez suspicion. However, his promoter Bob Arum had a different reasoning.

“First off, it’s to prove that both fighters are clean. Secondly, I selected VADA because it’s not the usual situation, we’re out of the country and we’re in a country (China), which isn’t used to this level of boxing, so we wanted something that could handle adequate testing outside of the US. They already sent a collector from Germany twice, I’m confident in the job they do, I don’t care for that other organization,” explained Arum. That other organization Arum is likely referring to is USADA which is used primarily be Golden Boy promotions.

In regards to Pacquiao, Arum expects the best Pacquiao in years. “The Pacquiao that we see on November 23rd is going to be better than the Pacquiao that we seen against De la Hoya, Hatton, and Cotto,” Arum boasted confidently.

When Arum rolled out the string of 3 fights between Pacquiao-Rios, Bradley-Marquez, and Alvarado-Provodnikov, the fights themselves were great but the possibility to mix and match the 6 were even better. With 2 out the 3 legs decided, Arum agrees the possibilities are plenty for the winner and loser of the November 23rd fight.

“This is the last fight of the 3 fights, and there are fantastic fights to be made next year. Manny has unfinished business with Bradley. Rios if he wins, imagine a fight with Ruslan Provodnikov or Bradley? There’s also a revenge match for Manny Pacquiao with Juan Manuel Marquez. Let’s see how this fight goes and we’ll sit down and see what we do next year.”