Arum feels Atlas made Bradley better fighter, but good enough to beat Pacquiao?

file_173917_3_pacquiao_vs_bradley_2_20120610_1437683800Boxers today change trainers like they change their underwear, often. There are many theories out there that argue whether switching trainers is actually beneficial to a fighter or not.
One theory states that a different set of eyes can spot flaws and possibly fix said flaws that a fighter has. An opposing theory is that no matter who the trainer is it will not make a difference.  The fighter is the one in the ring and the fighter can only determine the outcome based on the choices they make in the ring (with or without guidance from the trainer).
On April 9th, Timothy Bradley will step into the ring with former pound for pound king Manny Pacquiao for the third time, but on this occasion, there will be a different face in his corner.
Bradley made the switch from his former trainer Joel Diaz last year after his fight with Jessie Vargas and began training with Teddy Atlas. In their first fight together Bradley was able to do what no other fighter (including  Pacquiao) could do, stop Brandon Rios.
Was the Rios victory the start of something special to come or was it too good to be true?  While some think that the combination of Bradley and Atlas is a match made in heaven,  others believe it’s just a smoke and mirrors trick. Bob Arum (promoter of both Bradley and Pacquiao) feels that Bradley has improved significantly since joining Atlas but is not sure if it will be enough to beat Pacquiao.
“I don’t believe he will be a better fighter I know he will be a better fighter,” Arum told Tha Boxing Voice. “Whether that’s enough to beat Pacquiao we’ll have to see but there’s no question that I’ve seen what Atlas has accomplished with Bradley and it’s something special. He is a much better fighter than he ever has been.”