Barry Hunter Feels Peterson vs. Garcia Would Be a Super Fight


images“Like Lamont [Peterson] said it’s boxing, but I definitely think those two will collide.” Barry Hunter said when talking about his star fighter and current IBF Junior Welterweight Champion Lamont Peterson facing lineal champion Danny Garcia in the near future. “I can’t speak for Danny, just my kids, but I hope however it goes, it turns out good for not just them, but for boxing.” Hunter continued as the possibility of  Garcia potentially vacating the belts at junior welterweight could come to fruition  just as recently Peter Quillin, another Al Haymon fighter, vacated his title last Thursday.

Hunter also expressed that if it was up to his team they would fight every month, but they trust Al Haymon’s judgement. “We all have our roles to play, mine is to make sure they are ready, their’s is to fight, Al’s [Haymon] is to do the behind the scenes thing with the boxing.”

“I think it would be a hell of fight. I definitely think it would be a fight that both the networks and the fans would be happy with. Both of these guys, they have been underdogs at certain fights and every time it always seems like they come through. I definitely think it would be a fan friendly fight and it would be good for boxing overall.” Hunter expressed.

Peterson and  Garcia last fought  in early August on the same card and have been rumored to be facing one and another for the past year or so. The big problem is that it appears with the for profit Al Haymon system in boxing as of now, making fights between two large draws unlikely to happen and with Broner nudging his way up to a title shot, one might suspect that one of the two is going to be out of the division for the big money fights at welterweight not too long from now.