Blame GGG and His Corner For The Outcome, Not Golden Boy



    Julio Garcia

    Boxing fans are a hard group to please. Whenever a fight goes down people are quick to take sides and the second things don’t go their way they scream like banshees in the night. Such is the case with the result of the mega-fight between Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez.

    On September 15th, these two fighters put on a tremendous show for boxing fans, a year after their first showdown. The fight was close just like their first encounter. Unlike their first fight, there was a victor this time around. That victor was Canelo.

    While fans of GGG (I’m a fan of both fighters) were quick to call a robbery, they ignore the facts from the rematch that they ignored in the first fight. In fact, the difference in the rematch was it was a lot clearer who should have won. Golovkin failed to cut the ring off against Canelo in both fights. While he out-landed him in punches it didn’t count for shit as most were jabs and unlike the amateurs jabs only mean something if it knocks an opponent down or keeps them at bay. Canelo landed the more powerful shots which left its marks on Golovkin’s face. Golovkin failed to land body shots. If you truly fight “Mexican Style” you must put in that work to the body.

    Golovkin lacked in his ring generalship as well as Canelo pressed forward for most of the fight. Prior to the fight, Golovkin’s trainer Abel Sanchez kept pressing Canelo to come forward in the fight and that ended up biting them in the ass as they had little to no response for what transpired.

    You can cry robbery or foul all day about the outcome but no one from Golden Boy had anything to do with the outcome. That rests mainly on the shoulders of Golovkin for not doing what was needed and his corner for not giving him the right tools/advice before and during the fight. Golovkin’s refusal to fo a post-fight interview shows that he can talk all he wants when he’s destroying opponents but when the tables are turned he turns himself into a “Big Drama Show.”


    Julio Garcia