Bob Arum: ‘There’s No Question That Tim Bradley Is a Much Better Fighter Now Than in 2012 When He Fought Pacquiao’


The long awaited rematch between Tim Bradley and Filipino icon Manny Pacquiao will finally take place on April 12. Their first fight that took place back in June of 2012 ended quite controversially, with most people believing that Pacquaio should have gotten the decision, and both men will looking to put an exclamation point on their performance leaving no doubt this time around.

Top Rank CEO, and promoter of both combatants, Bob Arum believes that this fight will be much different than the first one claiming, “The fighters have changed. Timothy Bradley has proven what an exciting fighter he is based on his two victories in 2013: Fight of The Year with Ruslan Provodnikov, which he won, and the great battle with Juan Manuel Marquez, another victory for Bradley.” He went on to say, “Manny Pacquiao has finally gone back to his roots, fighting based on his great strength, which is his elusiveness and his style of going in and attacking his opponent and disappearing before the opponent can counter. Rios tried to counter Pacquiao all night but was unable to do so because of Pacquiao’s skill.”

Many people feel that Manny Pacquiao may have lost a step or two over the last couple of years but think just the opposite about his opponent Tim Bradley. When asked about his opinion of Tim Bradley Arum had this to say: “There’s no question that Tim Bradley is a much much better more confident fighter now than he was in 2012 when he fought Pacquiao.”

Most people tend to agree with Arum on this one and for that very reason this fight is looked upon as a tossup by most boxing insiders.