Bradley Cuts Ties with Trainer Joel Diaz


Timothy BradleyTimothy Bradley has parted ways with his longtime trainer Joel Diaz, this according to Timothy Bradley who took to his Instagram after several media outlets reported conflicting stories.

Diaz has been in Bradley’s corner for the last decade and coached the highly ranked welterweight from Palm Springs to multiple world titles in two different weight classes (welterweight and junior welterweight). The two have seemed to get along very well and were always praising one another for the work that went into the end result.

Along with winning titles at junior welterweight and welterweight, the duo pulled off the impossible when they defeated Manny Pacquiao in a highly controversial PPV showdown in 2012, although they lost the rematch in 2014.

Bradley said on Instagram “I want everyone to know that I took the time to meet with Joel Diaz in person to directly communicate with him that I would be making a change. Joel chose not to answer my call. I thank Joel Diaz for his time and efforts and know that he and I have accomplished great things together. I wish him nothing but success and blessings for him, his family and team.”

Bradley has been in the news recently as bouts with Brandon Rios, and Kell Brook have become hot button issues.

In recent months, we’ve seen Bradley’s manager/wife Monica Bradley take a much more active role in her husband’s career, and she has become more vocal about their choices and decisions. Although there is no indication whether or not she had anything to do with Tim’s decision to cut ties with Diaz, there is no doubt she was consulted.