Broner Flirts, Khan Starts Planning Wedding


… and right on cue, Amir Khan responds to Adrien Broner’s Instagram challenge. You didn’t expect any less, did you?

In case you missed it, Adrien Broner mentioned that he was already scheduled to fight again on June 20th, in Cincinnati, Ohio, but his opponent was not decided upon yet. Yesterday Broner took to Instagram to publicly challenge Amir Khan to a fight.

Adrien Broner Amir KhanBroner’s Instagram: “No disrespect to Virgil Hunter he is a great coach and I got endless love for him but me and Amir Khan can fight at the end of this month I haven’t taken any punishment I’m back in the gym and ready to make a fool out of anybody #AboutBillions #ABonNBC”

Send me the contract and I will sign asap!!!!!!!! #ABonNBC #AboutBillions

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Broner then woke up this morning and posted an Instagram video in response to those that questioned whether he could win a fight against Khan.
A still-groggy Broner said, “Ya’ll really think Amir Khan can beat me? Ya’ll stupid. Ya’ll don’t know boxing… can’t beat AB!”
This video was accompanied with the following: “Send me the contract, and I will sign asap!!!!!!!!#ABonNBC #AboutBillions.”

As expected, Amir Khan took to Twitter to accept the challenge because that is what Amir Khan does.

“Would love to fight @AdrienBroner next! #KhanvsBroner lets make it happen.”

Does anyone else get the feeling Amir has a list of texts like that with different names attached, all ready go at a moment’s notice?

Anyway, I think it’s a great fight. Both fighters need each other to take that next step. If Broner is willing to have the fight moved from Ohio to the Brooklyn, and they are willing to agree to a catchweight, I think we have a really good chance of seeing this happen in the summer.

That said, I hope Broner really intends to fight Khan because now he’s on Khan’s list. If this fight doesn’t happen, I can see Broner getting texts six months from now at 3 in the morning; “Hey AB, it’s been awhile… Maybe we can get together some time…”

Sorry Broner, you can’t tell the man you care about him and then expect him to just forget about you.