Mauricio Herrera Says Pacquiao Has The Tools To Beat Mayweather


Mauricio-Herrera_630Mauricio Herrera chimed in with ThaBoxingVoice to make his pick in the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight, and he is going against popular opinion. The perpetual underdog is going with fellow underdog Manny Pacquiao.

Herrera believes that Manny Pacquiao has all of the tools that are required to win against a fighter like Floyd Mayweather.

“Just looking at both of them knowing Mayweather and southpaws like Pacquiao is, an aware and off rhythm fighter… you know, I’m an off-rhythm fighter, I give trouble to conventional fighters… I go for Pacquiao. I think Pacquiao is gonna have an edge on it. I think just his awkwardness, his speed, action, footwork, power… he has everything to offset Mayweather.”

I like Mauricio’s reasoning here as he makes a really great point about Manny’s off-rhythm style causing some difficulty for Floyd. Unless you believe that Floyd is living in the “Matrix”, seeing things in slow motion and reacting on the fly there is something to this “off-rhythm” thing.

Floyd generally takes a little time to start taking over. Even in fights that he has completely shut-out his opponents, he typically becomes more effective after a few rounds. De La Hoya, Mosley, Guerrero, Maidana, Judah… all examples of Floyd hitting his stride after a few rounds.

If Floyd were in the “Matrix”, he wouldn’t need to get acclimated to the fighter in front of him. He would simply see things in slow motion right from the beginning and go to work like the king of all “Matrix” fighters, Roy Jones Jr.

Since Floyd requires a bit of time, one might see this as evidence that (especially at this age) Floyd’s true superhuman talent resides in his ability to process his opponent’s rhythms and tendencies quicker and more thoroughly than anyone else. If this is the case, maybe Herrera is right. Maybe Manny Pacquiao is exactly the kind of fighter that can exploit Mayweather’s very specific set of strengths.