Broner has a right to be frustrated


Adrien BronerAdrien Broner, after what some would call a Twitter War with “ESPN” reporter Dan Rafael, the former three-division world champion vowed not to speak in any interviews until after his fight against Khabib Allakhverdiev on Oct 3rd.

At his press conference, he said all but one word that I’d like to refute from a professional article. Fight Hype has been following him during his training camp and wound up getting about two sentences out of the usually flamboyant welterweight. Broner’s frustration stems from a article Rafael wrote saying Broner is being rewarded with a fraud title shot after a poor performance against Shawn Porter. Broner decided to express his agitation replying to Rafael’s twitter with tons of insults and adult language.

In his latest video with Fight Hype, the cameraman is trying his hardest to get Adrien to speak something even giving Broner leeway to just nod his head to rebuttal to the question if his stable “About Billions” was real in which Broner nodded yes all the while getting his hands taped up by his trainer.

The next time Broner speaks is when he participates in social banter with his colleagues outside the gym noticeably later in the evening. When he does direct his attention to the reporter he reiterates, “We don’t do interviews” while the reporter points out that this is the closest thing to an interview people are getting with Adrien Broner. Broner then drops a few more on the reporter.

“They don’t do nothing but flip my words anyway,” he continued. “If i say something good they say I said something bad. If I say something bad, they say I said something good. I don’t get it.”

I understand the frustration from Broner when it comes to Rafael because I’m sure no fighter or person for that matter wants their name to be ran through the mud especially in a social forum.

With that said, Broner can’t be mad if people think him getting a title shot after a loss is a gift especially when another fighter [Jose Benavidez Jr.] is in a position for said title.

We can’t knock Broner for just taking the fight, but he is not going to be short of criticism when he wins a belt this way. He had a clear-cut shot at being the No. 1 contender for a title if he beat Shawn Porter and in losing that fight he should lose the right to fight for a title in his next fight. He should have to work back up. Porter doesn’t have a fight lined up yet and Broner is fighting for a title after losing to him.

Just think about that.