Was Steve Smoger Against Karo Murat And Was It Necessary For Smoger To Get Physical With Him?


    Saturday night’s fight between Bernard Hopkins and Karo Murat was entertaining, back and forth and dirty. The dirty tactics were initiated by Hopkins to which Murat began to retaliate after several incidents.

    Hopkins received from what I remember no warning whereas Murat received warnings and a point deduction after he lost his cool and punched Hopkins twice while Hopkins was on the ground. Murat was lucky that he was not disqualified. Had another referee of been working that fight instead of Smoger who likes to let the fights go on then it could have been all over. The fight continued and so did the dirty tactics by both fighters and Murat was the only getting in trouble for it.

    At the end of the fight both fighters were going back and forth and seemed to want to continue after the final bell when in steps Smoger to split them up and puts his hand on Murat and lifts his head up and pushes him away.

    Was it necessary? I don’t think so. Fighters can be fined or even suspended if they do something stupid after a fight. Murat made no attempt to get physical with Smoger but Smoger felt it was necessary to get physical with Murat.

    If you want to add insult to injury, Smoger remained in Hopkins corner after the fight.

    Did Smoger have something against Murat or was there something else to cause Smoger who is usually neutral to act the way he did? One will not know until Smoger himself decides to speak on the matter himself.