Broner-Malignaggi: Will The Winner Enter Maidana’s Ring of Truth


Paulie Malignaggi vs. Adrien Broner is upon us in just two short weeks, all the trash talk and back and forth between these two will have to be settle in the ring of truth. In one corner you have the fresh, fly, and flashy challenger as he likes to call himself. Adrien Broner is a champion at light weight but challenging Malignaggi for his WBA welterweight title. That’s right, “The Problem” is moving up two weight classes, in attempts to make history.  He must be under the assumption that Malignaggi lack of knockout power won’t make it a problem for him moving up to a new division.


In the other corner you have Paulie Malignaggi who’s resume speaks for itself. He shared the ring with prime Miguel Cotto and a fast Amir Khan. Malignaggi schooled a high volume puncher in “The Baby Bull” Juan Diaz. To win his title, he went overseas and defied the odds, stopping Vyacheslav Senchenko in the ninth round. Malignaggi has seen many styles and has shared the ring with many names in the sport.


Marcos Maidana has forced his name into the WBA mix with his performance last Saturday. Marcos Maidana absorbed everything Josesito Lopez had to offer. Maidana stopped Lopez late in the sixth round of their welterweight bout Saturday night, winning the WBA Inter-Continental welterweight title, bringing this story to full circle. Maidana is now possibly next for the winner of June 22nd fight between Paulie Malignaggi vs. Adrien Broner.


The question becomes does Marco Maidana get his shot at the true champion sanctioned by the WBA ? As far as Malignaggi is concerned, it is this writer’s opinion that he would take the fight. He and Maidana have shared words on twitter in the past and mostly came to terms via social media on a potential clash in the past. The problem then was money, but if Maidana is the Mandatory I’m sure in agreement will be reached. For Malignaggi, he knows that he must keep that title in order to stay relevant and on the networks.


On the other hand I don’t know that I can say the same for Broner. For those that may not know, Broner is advised by one of the most Influential men in boxing, Al Haymon.

So the new question becomes does Al Haymon risk his future cash cow in the making to one of Argentina’s biggest punchers?


Now many may say no way Broner gets in there with Maidana, but Khan was able to survive against him and come June, Malignaggi will become a common opponent of Khan and Broner. If Broner is successful in defeating Paulie, that can be used as a barometer.


Although I’m sure you’ve heard the rumblings and rumors of the possibility of future hall of famer Sugar Shane Mosley being next in line for Adrien Broner.


We will have to wait and see which route “The Problem” takes, but first he will need to take care of business on the 22nd. We must also remember while Malignaggi didn’t look his best against Pablo Cano, since he’s been with new trainer Eric Brown Malignaggi has looked better and stronger. Confidence is a powerful tool and after five straight wins and a world title which breathed new life into a fading career Malignaggi, maybe Broner is in with a dangerous opponent?