Why Hopkins-Cleverly Should Be Next


    This is a fight that I would love to see. Nathan Cleverly is the current WBO Light-heavyweight World Champion with a record of 26-0. He has blistering speed and looks to be a great fighter who is still young at only 26. He seems to be an avoided fighter with other champions unwilling to face him in much needed unification fights. The fight I would most like to see him in is against Bernard ‘The Executioner’ Hopkins.

    Hopkins is a true legend of the sport. He is just incredible. He has a record of 53 wins 6 losses 2 draws and 2 no contests.  He was able to defend a world middleweight title a record 20 times! He has also been a world champion at light-heavyweight. As well as these incredible achievements he has also created history recently by becoming a world champion at the ripe old age of 48! He out-pointed IBF champion Tavoris Cloud. Hopkins defies his age and lives the life of a boxer. 

    He is just an absolute one-off; a  truly incredible man and to be admired by all. In order to defy his age and still be a force at a world level he has developed a highly intelligent technique based upon grabbing and conserving energy. He is not the most exciting fighter but you have to take your hat off to a man that can out-point a world champion 17 years younger than him. He didn’t knock Cloud out, he went the full 12 rounds! He is extremely effective and knows boxing inside-out.

    Cleverly on the other hand is a young fighter, 22 years younger than Hopkins! Wow, 22 years age difference is just insane to try and comprehend within boxing! Cleverly has a clear speed advantage over Hopkins and would appear to have more power than Hopkins. Hopkins has a clear experience advantage and that could be the defining factor if they do choose to fight. When the going gets tough, Hopkins will know exactly what to do having been through it all before.

    In contrast, Cleverly will not have the experience to call on and will have to learn on the job. Cleverly though is determined to show fans just how good he is. Cleverly is also a highly-intelligent man with a degree in Mathematics from Cardiff University. I personally see him as a future star of the sport. He can in my opinion dominate the Light-heavyweight division for years to come and unification fights have to be what he is looking to now. Cleverly has had a frustrating last couple of years with champions dodging him and issues with fights being cancelled. This is becoming a common issue with his promoter Frank Warren who has recently lost many of his prime fighters due to such problems, to Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Sports who have the agreement with Sky Sports.

    Personally I see this fight as very difficult to determine a winner. I think it would be a tough, grueling fight which either man could win. Cleverly will probably start off the quicker of the two and win the first few rounds but I would then expect Hopkins to come back and for it to come right down to the wire. I would love to see this fight take place but there is the issue of both fighters being linked with a fight against Carl Froch. I want to see Cleverly versus Hopkins and Froch face Ward. The most important thing is that Cleverly is pushed on and faces other champions. He is ready to do so and can show to boxing fans across the world how great he can be. One of my tips to be a major force!