Broner Would Like To See Mayweather Retire Undefeated, Declines The Notion Of a Possible Fight


In this intriguing video, Tha Boxing Voice interviewed, Adrien “The Problem” Broner; pressing the young boxing star regarding his willingness to face Marcos “El Chino” Maidana (the mandatory challenger), should he win his upcoming bout with Paulie Malignaggi.  He responds, declaring that he is willing to face the hard hitting Argentine, “If that’s who they put in front of me, then I will f*ck Maidana up”.  Explaining that he does not worry about his one punch knockout power, because, “You can’t hit what you can’t see”.  

The more compelling part of the interview is when he finally answers a question that we all want answered. He seems to slip and duck this question, a lot better than he slipped and ducked punches, in the first two rounds, of his last fight versus Gavin Rees.  The Questions was regarding a fight with Floyd Mayweather. “Bernard Hopkins said to me, in this same building, that Adrien Broner is the only guy that can beat Mayweather,” before asking the question. “We know how you feel, so don’t give us the sing and dance about him being your brother, how do you see that fight playing out?” 

He danced around the question again a little bit, before finally saying that, “I don’t only care about him (Floyd Mayweather), I care about his legacy. I want to see him retire undefeated.” adding “I don’t what to be guy, to give him a loss, I don’t want to go through that, that’s dumb”.  Tha Boxing Voice explained that if he wins against Paulie, they will both be champions at one forty seven. Following up with, “You have to defend the title, he has four fights left, are we just going to see the both of you, be the champions in the welterweight division?” at the same time. 

Broner falls back to his patented response, “That’s what brother’s do right, look at the Kiltschko’s”.  Sounds like the same song and dance to me. Hope he dances this well against Paulie Malignaggi, this week end.  In my opinion, Mayweather would be the one to give him his first loss, should that fight ever go down, but that’s just me.