Bruno Escalante: Still Two Months Away from Being Cleared


    Bruno Escalante (13-1-1 6KOs) broke some unpleasant news to as he explained that he talked to a doctor two days ago and was told that he will not be medically cleared to punch a heavy bag for another two months. This means Escalante will not be in the rumored September San Francisco, CA show.

    “I am viewing it as a good thing,”said the always optimistic Escalante. “I am now getting better with my other hand and getting it to the same strength.”Escalante has been out of action since breaking his hand against Victor Ruiz in April of this past year in Brooks, CA. Escalante broke his left hand in that fight and fought over half of the fight with one hand and still won. For Escalante, the timing now appears to place him around the holiday season of November to December range to be cleared.

    Nonetheless, Escalante is looking at belts when he gets back to the ring as he noted that he is hoping to get a shot at the WBA title at junior bantamweight, which is currently held by Kohei Kono. Escalante also noted that 115 lbs. is the weight that he is most comfortable in for the time being and the place were he wants to stay, explaining he wants to bring big money fights to his division and in particular, Redwood City, CA, an area that has been particularly kind to him as he has sold out quite a few times there.

    This past April when I caught up with Escalante, he explained that soon he will be willing to travel for a belt, but with the amount of drawing power he has in the Bay Area, one might wonder if he could draw a belt holder to California for a fight in 2015?

    Escalante also had some other news as he recently revised his website in which now contains an all new user experience as well as a shop that features, you guessed apparel for Escalante.