Caleb Plant Hypocritical While Shredding Team Canelo But Will He Be That Tough Inside The Ring


    Shit talk has always been a part of boxing. Some call it a gentleman’s sport but there is nothing gentle about anyone getting their skulls bashed in and their bodies pushed to extreme limits to where their health and well being is on the border line of being ok to being on the verge of collapse. With the brutality of the sport it should come as no surprise that banter between rivals happens evermore so especially with the handiest tool around, social media.

    On September 1st it came to light that World Champion Oscar Valdez tested positive for a banned substance for his upcoming fight with Robson Conceicao. On September 2nd news of his B sample came out as positive as well. The news got mixed reactions. There were many that were surprised but there are several that are critical of anyone training with Team Canelo. Caleb Plant is one that is critical on Team Canelo.

    Plant is due to take on Canelo in November and things are beginning to heat up, mainly from Plant who has gone on a huge rant on social media accusing Team Canelo of being cheaters and questioning Eddy Reynoso’s coaching ability, citing Canelo’s past positive test as evidence to go along with Valdez’ test results.

    “Damn shame,” Plant responded to a Tweet by Andre Ward about the positive result for Valdez. “Some people want to be great so bad that they cheat and then there’s people who want to be GREAT so bad that they DON’T. Doing that isn’t confidence it’s FEAR!”

    “Na,” Plant stated in response to Devin Haney’s Tweet about no juicing equals no trainer of the year award for Reynoso. “Reynoso and Canelo deserve BITCH of the year! All of them are suspect. Everything out of that camp is intentional. They have the knowledge and experience to know better and the resources to have the best of the best in whatever they want but tacos, meat or some tea is the reason [for their positive tests].”

    Plant then went on his own to shred Team Canelo and those defending anyone from the camp.

    “All of a sudden we got CHUMPS at home with their feet kicked up on their couch sippin’ a Modelo who over night know exactly what this drug and that drug do but can’t even pronounce the drug.”

    “Nobody puts ANYTHING in MY BODY with out me getting it approved first by Vada (whose the strictest testing company) at this level and with everything that’s at risk why would I let somebody else play with MY name…SMDH….”

    “So after everything a fighter works for and sacrifices your just going to let someone tell you to take something and your just going to take it and not even be concerned that they may be FLUSHING all you’ve accomplished down the drain because at the end of the day has a name even been mentioned of who might of gave him the ‘herbal tea’??? NOPE! the only name that’s came out is the one who took it so why let someone put you in that position.”

    “If you really start asking yourself these questions and really start unpackaging all this question by question does it really add up? Does it really may sense? FUCK NO. This sport has no place for cheaters.”

    “You mean to tell me you have made over a 100 mill and live in San Diego but you ate some tacos or a steak at some random ass taco stand in Mexico or some random ass steak and just doing that once made your levels THAT HIGH?”

    “Get the fuck outta here… people don’t take this stuff out of confidence, they take it out of FEAR! They don’t wanna let their NUTS HANG so they take shit that’ll make them shrink.”

    “I said what I said and I stand by it so fuck whoever don’t like it. The people INNNNN the sport know what’s up but the ones who don’t speak up are the same ones who cheat just like them.”

    “It’s almost seems frowned upon to even speak up on this stuff in boxing but idgaf. There’s a whole other world out there when it comes to banned substances that people in the fight game don’t wanna speak up about but I could care less. There’s no room it.”

    There’s a lot to take in from those Tweets. One thing is for sure is that there are a lot of pissed off Mexican’s in regards to those comments. Even the people that hate Canelo are not happy about it. Plant may not be a racist (I don’t know the guy so I can’t tell you) but his comments come off as so.

    Plant says this sport has no room in this sport for cheaters but many have been quick to point the finger at Victor Conte whom Plant works with. Conte was involved in one of the biggest, most iconic steroid scandals (BALCO) in modern sports history and served little time (gotta love white collar crimes) for what happened.

    “And once upon a time Nipsey Hussle was nothing but a CRIP and a felon but he turned his life around and decided he’d rather use his powers for good and make a positive impact with the mistakes he had made in his past to educate and help the ones around him,” Plant responded to a Tweet. “So a guy who’s already been to prison for something is going to risk it again and sell/give products that are illegal to more athletes? Lmao your fingers are attached to your brain are they jackass?” “Yet here you are defending CHEATERS so you can SPECULATE all you want but the FACTS are in stone and the FACTS are that 3 of his fighters have tested positive so I say that to say just be careful because if you keep sucking their dick like this then you might test positive too!”

    So once a person comes out of prison they will never commit a crime again. Got it. I’ll make sure if I ever rob a bank or kill someone and get caught that it’s a one time deal. If Conte deserves the second chance then why doesn’t anyone else in the sport that has done so? I’m just getting more and more confused the more I think about what was said.

    Looking back at the past I remember a lot of great athletes in high school were dumber than a box of rocks. Going through this logic that Plant has in his Tweets it makes me feel like he is not the brightest (I’m not defending the positive test but more so speaking on this logic) guy out there. He gets punched in the head for a living so there may be some damage. Seeing as how the intelligence level appears it leads me to assume he must be a superb athlete. Hopefully he takes that energy that he put into his Tweets inside the ring and does something with it because fans are not impressed with how he fights and lack of effort in the past to unify titles. We don’t want to see another performance like in his last fight.