Canelo On Mayweather-Pacquiao “He is fine winning a round with three punches”


la-sp-floyd-mayweather-jr-saul-canelo-alvarez-20130702Canelo Alvarez is on a collision course with James Kirkland on May 9th. But Alvarez and his team made a strong play for the Cinco De Mayo date that is normally a date Floyd Mayweather Jr. fights on. Had it not been for Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao agreeing to fight, Canelo would have fought on May 2nd.

Canelo has said that he wants to take the Mexican dates away from Mayweather. While Cinco De Mayo is out of play, there still is Mexican Independence Day weekend in September. However, Canelo isn’t focused on that fight now.

“Right now the most important thing is May 9th,” Canelo told “We are focused on this date and then we will see the rest.”

But Canelo down the line is still adamant about fighting on both dates because he feels a Mexican should be a headliner on those dates

They are Mexican dates, September 16th and Cinco De Mayo,” explained Canelo. “Those are Mexican dates and they have to be for us.”

When Mayweather and Pacquiao leave the sport many peg Canelo as the new face of boxing. That’s something he feels is very honorable being considered as the next in line.

“I’m here for that, to be one of the best and if the people put me in the category, I appreciate that,” stated Canelo. “I always train 100% and give the best fights for that to happen. It’s because of the career I’ve had, so young and so successful and because I’m dedicated to the sport.”

Canelo is also a fan and is happy the fans are getting Mayweather-Pacquiao.

“It’s very good. The fight had to be done for the fans, and hopefully it’s an attractive fight,” said Canelo.

Regarding the fight being good, Canelo has his doubts because he feels Mayweather won’t allow it to be a good fight.

“He doesn’t let you expose anything. He’s a fighter that is fine winning a round with three punches. He doesn’t take chances to make a good fight. He doesn’t care how he wins, just that he wins.”