Carlos Blandon Says Estrada’s Team Are Avoiding the Rematch With Chocolatito

downloadJuan Francisco “El Gallo” Estrada’s greatest success in his career came after losing for the second time in his pro career in a bout against Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez. The fight between he and Gonzalez was a very close one and was one of the greatest fights in 2012 which prompted many fans and including Gonzalez for a rematch to take place.
A rematch never happened and both fighters continued on with their careers. Gonzalez beat everyone placed in front of him and moved up in weight to the flyweight division (where Estrada fights) and captured the WBC title and Estrada went on to capture two world titles in the division. Given the success of the two fighters, especially in their most recent bouts, talk has resumed from Gonzalez, boxing fans and in the boxing community but it appears that Estrada’s team may be heading in the opposite direction of a rematch with “Chocolatito” for now.
Gonzalez’ manager Carlos Blandon has stated that there has been no new offers from HBO to make the fight happen. Estrada may want the fight but his team does not.
“It seems like the offers to make the fight from HBO have died down. With all to respect to ‘El Gallo,’ it seems like he wants the fight with Roman,” said Blandon. “It is his team that doesn’t want the fight for now because he can lose the two titles that he has.”
But why would Estrada’s team not want to make the biggest fight in his career?
“We think that it’s more attractive for them to have a fighter that has two world titles that will generate more revenue than having a fighter with three losses and no titles. They would rather have a rematch with Brian Viloria than try and get revenge on ‘Chocolatito.’ They prefer to take the safer route. I repeat, Roman and his team are ready to fight but do not feel that there is no reciprocity from Estrada’s handlers. We are very respectful with them and they evade us and say Roman is lesser known than Estrada and that we need the fight more, among some other things.”