Carlos Buitrago-Alcides Martinez Pushed Back To May 31st After Buitrago Comes In 8 Pounds Overweight


    Prodesa Promotions recently found themselves in a situation in which they did not want to be in, rescheduling a fight with one of their top fighters last second.

    Carlos Buitrago was scheduled to fight today (May 17th) against Alcides Martinez for the WBC  minimum weight international title but on the morning of the weigh-ins weighed in at 113 pounds which was 8 pounds above the limit thus causing the postponement of his fight to May 31st.

    According To Silvio Conrado whom represents Buitrago there was no other choice but to move the date because there was no way his fighter could make the weight.

    “There is no way that Carlos could get down to 105 pounds,” said Conrado. “For that reason we had to move the date of the fight. It is going to cost us financially but whatever, we had to change the date of the whole card.”