Carlos Molina Wants Canelo Or Cotto: I Can Figure Out Any Opponent


    Carlos “King” Molina is no stranger to criticism. In fact, he is his biggest critic. He is always looking to improve as a fighter but with the lack of opposition willing to face him how can he improve?

    Molina had his first title shot on September 14th in Las Vegas with a split decision victory over Ishe Smith. The plan going into the fight was pressure but a smart pressure because Smith  is a good defensive fighter.

    How does Molina felt that he did in the fight?

    “I needed to connect more,” said Molina. ” We were trying to pressure him, not get sloppy and get countered. I was worried about his countering because he is not aggressive. Every time I was pressuring him he was holding me. Every time I threw the right hand the ref said I was hitting behind the head. You can’t complain about it and whine about it so it is what it is.”

    For Molina, the odds have always been stacked against him and this time was no different. He was fighting the champion in the champions hometown on the champions promoters card. Even if he knocked out his opponent then he still might not have come away with the victory. After it was announced that there was a split decision and the first two cards were read, anxiety and nervousness built up.

    “When I heard the first score I was good. When I heard the second score I was like ‘damn.’ I was praying, listening and when they said the new champion I was relaxed and felt good.”

    So what’s next after the big win? There are two opponents in mind and one of them is more than likely to happen. Those opponents, Saul Alvarez and Miguel Cotto.

    “I always wanted to fight him (Canelo) before but I didn’t have a belt so they didn’t really want to do it so now that I have a belt hopefully we will do it. Cotto, they wanted to fight me but they said that they wanted me to have a belt so hopefully after winning this belt I will be considered for that fight.”

    Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer has already shot down the possibility of a fight between Molina and Canelo but there is still a chance to see Molina face Cotto should Cotto get passed Delvin Rodriguez.

    One thing that Molina needs is consistency. Not being able to land fights hurts a fighter and Molina knows all about that. The first step he needs to take is to get back in the gym and get ready for whatever may come his way.

    “I just want to get back to the gym and improve. I feel like I can figure any fighter out and I still feel the same way. I just want a chance to prove it against anybody. I want to be back in the ring this year before the year is over. I think we should be fighting every two to three months if possible. Why not? That’s what it used to be like back in the day and that’s what I like. If you are healthy just keep fighting. I’m 30 years old I don’t wanna waste this. It’s my best years.”