Miguel Cotto: “Win or Lose, I Will Finish My Career With Freddie Roach.”


Miguel Cotto has lost his last two bouts against Floyd Mayweather and Austin Trout. Those 2 consecutive losses have caused Miguel to take a much needed break from the sport. “I took the time to rest, relax, and enjoy life and to also think about things,” Cotto said in a conference call with the media today.

Among those things he thought about was his corner. Cotto made the change from Pedro Diaz to Freddie Roach and moved camp from Florida to California at Freddie Roach’s famed Wild Card Boxing Club. Cotto felt it early that he made the right decision and it was because of Freddie.

“You see his passion; it brought something out of me. He’s a good teacher and a great trainer. As soon as I saw how hard he was working, it brought the same out of me, and the rest was easy.”It almost seemed like Cotto was home in the Wild Card Boxing Club where many great champions have trained under the tutelage of Roach.

Come October 5th, Cotto will be fighting in Orlando against two time contender Delvin Rodriguez, who has stated on our air that if he losses to Cotto, it might be over for him.  The two foes shared a common opponent to whom they both suffered defeat in Austin Trout. Cotto was asked on the call if there’s anything he can take away from those fights and in typical Miguel Cotto form stated, “I don’t look in the past and I didn’t see the fight between Delvin and Austin, I’m concentrated on Delvin now, I don’t have much to say except I will give him my best.”

Cotto’s switch to Roach is his 3rd trainer this decade and 5th in his career. Cotto has been on record to stating that he may only have 3 fights left and he would like to finish his career with Roach who he seemingly has built great rapport with. However if things feel good now, what happens if he loses? Many though Cotto was a good fit with his last corner man, Pedro Diaz. Diaz was heralded as reviving Cotto’s career after his victory against Antonio Margarito in their rematch and after a solid performance against pound for pound king, Floyd Mayweather.  So what if he loses? Does he switch again? Cotto stated, “I’m very happy with Freddie. I have a few more fights left in my career; I feel he’ll bring me to a world title level. Win or lose, I’ll finish my career with Freddie.”