Chavez-Froch Could Be Finalized Soon


    downloadA possible fight between Carl Froch and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.  could be finalized a source told ESPN Deportes.

    “Next week both sides are going to meet again to try and finalize a deal,” said the source. “The fight will likely take place in Las Vegas like Froch wants. However if there is another location that they are looking it, it is Los Angeles for the fight. But it’s close to being done.”

    The fight would be for Carl Froch’s IBF Super Middleweight Title. Eddie Hearn and Al Haymon are the two behind the scenes negotations the fight and it would likely by a pay-per-view. On what network it will be taking place is another story.

    Chavez’ promoter of note Bob Arum has his eye on what is taking place as he still claims he has one fight left on his contract with Chavez. But as the source says, “The details are being finalized, the percentages look to be finalized but they are just closing out the details. The fight could be announced next week.”