Chavez Jr. “They didn’t treat me good, They didn’t give me the fights I wanted, the fights the fans wanted.”


Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. is not short on words for his former promoter Top Rank, who many feel made a star out of something that wasn’t there. For Years Chavez was built on Latin Fury pay-per-views until he learned the craft enough to compete with guys on the HBO level. When he faced his best opponent to date, he was outworked and beat for 11 rounds against Sergio Martinez. He did have a classic final round where he almost stopped Martinez, but truth is he was shutout for majority of the fight.

Now he’s on to greener pastures and moving on to Al Haymon and with that taking a shot at Top Rank.

“They didn’t treat me good,” Chavez Jr. ESPN Deportes. “They didn’t give me the fights I wanted and the fights the fans wanted.”

Chavez says he has moved on and is done with working with Top Rank in the future.

“I’m not working with Top Rank in my fights anymore. Thank God that relationship is over. In the years I was with him I don’t think they did the best they could have with me,” Chavez Jr. said.

With questions up in the air for his fight on April 18th and even if it takes place, Chavez says there’s no issues and will be ready to go.

“Yes, there’s a lawsuit,” Chavez stated. “MY lawyers are handling that but aside from that, my fight on April 18th is taking place.”

If his fight with Fonfora does go through, Chavez says he wants Carl Froch next.

“The (Fonfora) fight is very important to me. After the fight, I want to drop down to 168 and fight Carl Froch and be the first Mexican champion at 168 and 175.”