Chocolatito melts Viloria in 9 with his brand of TURNT UP offense

    Roman Gonzalez

    In one of the most hyped co-features this year, Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez stopped former world titlist Brian Viloria in the prelude to Golovkin-Lemieux at Madison Square Garden in New York.


    Gonzalez (44-0, 38 KOs) absolutely dominated and the only disappointing aspect of the fight was the promise of mutual fireworks and the competitiveness expected from Viloria. But it was a nearly flawless performance from Chocolatito.


    The first round was a bit of a feel out and not much happened from either side of the glove. HBO’s Harold Lederman gave the first round to Viloria, it would be the only round you could conceivably give the “Hawaiian Punch.”


    The offense was “turnt up” in the 3rd round and Chocolatito was putting together multi-punch combinations. He started to land ferocious shots that sapped every bit of Viloria.


    It was Chocolatito’s fight at this point and Viloria had fallen deep into the world titlist’s web. However, Viloria did manage to land a couple body shots that seemed to effect Gonzalez just a bit. But it ended up being a bump in the road for Chocolatito as he continued to open his opponent up.


    Viloria said after the fight that Chocolatito was #1 for a reason and that he was the best fighter he’s ever faced in his tenured career.


    Chocolatito was able to finish Viloria, who never gave up, in the 9th round with only seconds left.


    Chocolatito threw 805 punches while managing to land 335 for 55%, while Viloria landed 161 of 460 (35%).