Hank Lundy Stops Carlos Winston Velasquez in 5Th Round


    hank-lundy“Hammering” Hank Lundy (25-5-1 12 KO’s) is on the last leg of his already long and tested career, he has been chasing a major title his whole career. Lundy looks to get a W in the winning column. Today he started that journey against Carlos Winston Velasquez a well-tested veteran in his own right.

    The first round was truly a feeling out round as Lundy flicked his jab to create range and distance himself from the inside fighting Velasquez. The edge went to Lundy due to ring generalship alone there were no significant punches thrown or landed in the first, things changed in the second. Lundy came out firing big left hooks and body shots from the opening bell of the second; he landed a big left in the middle of the round that stumbled Velasquez and got the crowd into the fight.

    Lundy ended the second round with another huge left hook right before the bell. The third round started just as the second one did but this time it was Velasquez trying to put Lundy on the back foot but to no avail as Lundy countered the bull rush by landing another left hook that caught Velasquez attention. The two fighters engaged in a few exchanges with all of them ending in a landed left hook for Lundy.

    One so good it knocked down the game Velasquez. Velasquez rose before ref’s Harvey Docks count of 8 and the round completed with a 10-8 for Lundy. Round 4 was more of the same Lundy getting more confident though with his found success of his left hook and with 1 second left in the round Lundy starched Velasquez again sending him down to the canvas. The next round Lundy was out for blood and got what he was looking for as the ref Harvey Dock put a stop to the onslaught 23 seconds in the 5th as Hank was all over his opponent landing almost everything he threw.

    Hank Lundy successfully moves a step closer to his goal look out for what’s next for Hammering Hank Lundy in the future.