Chris Algieri’s Tenacity to Win


imageChris Algieri will come in as the underdog against Manny Pacquiao, and rightfully so, but this is not a lopsided mismatch as the boxing world perceives it to be. The reason why this bout has reached such animosity in the boxing community is partly due to the fact, Algieri is not a flashy defensive fighter or a producer of highlight reels. When people tune in to see him fight, the general perception is there is nothing special about this fighter, but he does what he has to do to win.

In a recent interview Chris Algieri’s trainer Tim Lane was asked, “Why is Chris Algieri going to beat Pacquiao?” He replied by saying, “Because he does everything right. If anybody has heard that the guy’s stars are lining up, well it’s because Chris does everything right. When you do everything right, things come to you, Chris is going to win because he does everything he has to do.”

This was evident when he stepped into the ring against a relatively unknown opponent such as Jose Peralta Alejo who was 10-1 at the time. Alejo was able to stagger Algieri in the 4th and 5th round, and almost had Algieri out on his feet. Instead of going into survival mode, Algieri kept his composure, maintained his game plan, and dominated the rest of the fight. Then when the time came he showed the same level of tenacity and composure against a world class fighter such as Ruslan Provodkinov. Algieri hit the canvas twice in the first round against Provodkinov, but walked away with the WBO light welterweight title.

Chris Algieri does everything he needs to do, and has certain intangibles every fighter needs to be successful. He has a master’s degree in clinical nutrition, he programs his own diet, never has trouble making weight, and always comes into the fight in excellent shape. It is not a surprise Algieri has already made his mark in the sport of boxing. Even if one believes better match ups could have been made for Pacquiao this November, one cannot disagree that Algieri has enough talent level to at least be in the same ring with Pacquiao. Algieri is four inches taller and possesses an eight inch arm reach advantage. He will utilize his footwork and his tall stature against Pacquiao, and will do everything in his power to follow his game plan and it will be up to Pacquiao to counteract that. If Pacquiao does not fully prepare himself, it is very possible Chris Algieri pulls off the upset in Macau, China.