Claressa Shields Sick Of The Doubters For Her Chances In MMA


    On June 10th Claressa Shields will make her debut in MMA under the PFL banner. She has not even had her first fight yet and the hate is already strong against Shields.

    “I’m just sick of it, let me get my feet wet before you guys start talking trash,” stated Shields. “And I’ll say this as nice as I can I don’t care how long anybody has been doing MMA it’s going to be a challenge to 1. take me down, 2. Make me quit and 3. Eat these punches. All in all, I’m a fighter.”

    That’s a valid point. There are many that do not give shields a chance and they are already trying to compare her to MMA greats like Amanda Nunes.

    Shields believes that in two or three years she will be ready for the likes of Nunes (but Nunes may be well past her prime by then). With Shields having no experience except for boxing it is kind of ridiculous for fans to expect her to take on the best in the world right now but if the shoe was on the other foot and Nunes was moving over to boxing she would more than likely get pushed right into the main event the way Conor McGregor did (I understand these are two totally different fights).