Collazo Not Overlooking Khan For Chance at Mayweather


Coming off a shocking upset knocking out former Welterweight Champion Victor Ortiz, Luis Collazo (35-5 18KOs) has finally made his way back into the limelight. Collazo’s career can easily be compared to a rollercoaster, from his controversial losses to Andre Berto and Ricky Hatton to his definitive losses to Shane Mosley and Freddie Hernandez. After being set up an opponent on a night that was supposed be the comeback for Ortiz, it only took just under six minutes of action to end one career and reinvigorate another.

On May 3rd Collazo will get another chance to prove that the knockout of Ortiz was no fluke, when he takes on Amir Khan (28-3 19KOs) at the MGM Grand on the undercard of “The Moment” Pay-Per-View.

Many have already began to talk about this match-up between Collazo/Khan and some think it will not only be a great fight but that it will be the fight of the night. Collazo is a tough out for any fighter as a quick skim of his resume you will see has fought quite a few formidable ex-World Champions. Not only will this be a do or die fight for Collazo, he is being showcased on the highest stage and potentially getting the most eyes on his fight that he has to date  “I’m stoked. This is a fight that could take me to another level in the welterweight division, and I’m just very humbled by the opportunity.” He continued, “I’m working hard to give all fans what they want, a great and exciting show.”

Khan has most certainly been the target of much criticism in his career. Some is deserved and some is not. One thing is for sure when you enter the right with him you have to be expecting punches coming in fast. His speed has been compared to future Hall Of Famer Manny Pacquiao and many times some have said they feel he is actually faster than “Pacman”. Collazo understands Khan’s strength but he also thinks that the speed might not be what it’s all cracked up to be. “He’s got great speed; but I think he might be a little bit slower than Andre Berto was. And that was a big fight for me. Come fight night we’ll definitely see if his speed is going to be a factor or not,” stated Collazo.

For months many were led to believe that Amir Khan would actually be in the main event of this card and he was going to be Floyd Mayweather’s next foe. Often in boxing when we see a fighter that is eyeing the next fight and not paying the proper attention to the man with the 8 ounce gloves right in front of him, we see upsets happen. Most recently we saw it with Victor Ortiz when he took on Josesito Lopez and before that fight had a chance to play itself out, there were rumors that should Ortiz get past Lopez he would get a shot a Canelo Alvarez. Of course we all know that Ortiz was later stopped, Lopez got the opportunity at Alvarez and subsequently was stopped as well. 

Since Khan was in talks about getting the Mayweather fight the voices of the rumor mill have began churning and many think the winner of Collazo/Khan will get the shot a Mayweather later this year in September (assuming he gets past Maidana). It’s easier said than done to not look past the opportunities that winning this fight could bring but Collazo has seen what that can do and how detrimental that could be to your mind frame “Victor was doing the same thing. Right now my main focus is Amir Khan, my radar is on him, and in the future, tomorrow has its own worries. But today I’m just dealing with today’s worries, today’s reality and with this fight here. This is all I’m focused on.”