Robert Garcia On Rios’ Return Date, Pacquiao-Bradley 2 and Marquez-Alvarado


Robert Garcia stable is ever growing and more and more fighters are finding their way to Oxnard to work with one of the best trainers in the sport. However one of his long time pupils, Brandon Rios finds himself coming off a suspension and without an opponent as of yet. Rios was rumored to be fighting Ruslan Provodnikov but many involved do not believe Rios can make the 140 lb limit to face the 140 lb WBO champion and it seems like Provodnikov is on scheduled to meet Chris Algeri on June 14th. Robert Garcia chimed in on the situation of Rios.

On Rios-Provodnikov:

“Brandons wants to fight and he is in the gym waiting for his date,. He wants to fight Provodnikov, I don’t know if it’s the money or whatever the reason why the fight isn’t able to happen. It looks like its not going to happen, Brandon would love to fight him, there’s nothing I could do. That’s up to HBO, Bob Arum, and Cameron Dunkin.”

On Rios Making 140:

“Well we have a nurse in Oxnard. We have a house a cook, we have a team. We have the fighters in a big house where they stay together. We have Alex Ariza who monitors their weight. The Doctor says he could make 140. If he stays in the house, eats what he’s supposed to, works like he always does and does everything the right way, he could make 140. But it’s up to Brandon. He’s motivated to do it. I’m with Brandon and think he could do it but its up to him.

Rios Return Date:

“I was told by Carl Moretti, Maybe June 21st or June 28th, they didn’t really mention any names. I’ve heard names out there, Abregu and Demarco. Nobody involved with Top Rank really has said names. I know they have mentioned names but nothing set in stone. Its not up to us. Brandon would fight anyone. If he had the choice, he’d fight Provodnikov for the title if it came up to it.”

On The Top Rank Tournament Involving Pacquiao-Bradley and Marquez-Alvarado:

“Those are good matches. They have to be matched up. I think Bradley Pacquiao, the rematch is the best fight for both at the moment. Marquez picked Alvarado for his reasons and its still going to be a fun fight and the fans are going to get enjoyment from it.”