Corazon De Campeon Continues With AT&T As Jesse and Joy Release New Video


Fight with honor with the spirit of a lion.” Those words were echoed in the song “Corazon de Campeon”(Heart of a Champion), by Jesse and Joy when describing the Mexican National Soccer team in their quest to not only make it to the World Cup in 2014 but to win the World Cup. The World Cup is not only a spectacle of world level soccer competition but it’s also an event that brings the world together and is a time when national pride is at its highest. If there’s one thing I know about national pride covering the sport of boxing is that the Mexican fan base is as passionate as it gets in supporting their own and that support only heightens when dealing with the Mexican religion known as futbol.

With this event fast approaching, AT&T is stepping up to the plate to connect not only the Mexican fan base, but all the Latin American population to this amazing event with the most cutting edge technology and multiple platforms. With AT&T’s leading performance, it’s going to give the Mexican futbol enthusiast exclusive content, game access, and plenty of other options for the fans which they can obtain by using their mobile phone and other devices because of AT&T’s strong partnership with the Mexican Soccer Federation (Federación Mexicana de Fútbol, FMF), Major League Soccer (MLS)and U.S. Soccer.

Since its release, the song Corazón de Campeón has been downloaded nearly 8,000 times between iTunes downloads and free promotional downloads on It has also been played in exhibition games across the country, and was performed live for the first time at Hispanicize, the annual Latino trends events for media, social media, marketing and music. Not only that, starting September 24th,  Jesse & Joy fans will be able to watch the video of their latest single Corazón de Campeón for the first time by visiting

The video seen below were shot earlier this year in Barcelona, Spain, and the opening images portraying the Aztecs, Revolutionaries, and the Barber scene celebration were shot in México City. The song was called Corazon De Campeon because Jessie and Joy feel that fans  pour their heart and souls into their national team and are champions at heart. Together with At&t, Jesse and Joy hope that the song finds all the countries and its fans in celebration of the sport.

AT&T is not only the largest telecommunication provider in the U.S. but one of the largest in the world. Couple that with the partnerships that AT&T has already linked up with, the commitment to the Mexican soccer fan and all soccer fans alike is evident. With the Jesse and Joy musical partnership, AT&T is oozing with opportunities for the Mexican fan to display its national pride and fandemonium. AT&T has a longstanding relationship with the Mexican Soccer Federation (Federación Mexicana de Fútbol, FMF).  AT&T first became an Official Proud Sponsor of the Mexican National Team in 2005 in an effort to engage with fans passionate about the sport while showcasing the brand and its products.   So if you’re a Mexican Futbol fan, why not take advantage of what AT&T is providing and why not show you’re pride with ‘Corazon de Campeon’. They’ve  committed to you, so you should commit to them.

To learn more about what AT&T is doing for the Mexican National Team, check out and their facebook page:

The hash tag of this project on twitter  is #CorazonCampeon


Here is the new video: