Crawford shows out in front of hometown crowd w/10th round TKO over Jean


    Terence “Bud” Crawford (27-0, 19KOs) gave his hometown crowd a real show in the main event of HBO’s World Championship Boxing at the CenturyLink Center in Omaha, Nebraska. Crawford’s opponent, Dierry Jean (29-2), did everything he could to make it competitive, which resulted in an entertaining fight with random outbursts of high level excitement.

    Jean looked good in the early part of round one as he countered well and did not allow his offense to be exploited by Crawford’s athleticism. Crawford struggled to find a rhythm, but it was a difficulty with his hands finding a home, opposed his fantastic footwork being an issue in setting up his offense.


    I would not call Jean aggressive in the first, evident by his 7 punches landed total in that round, but he was the aggressor by comparisons to Crawford. It was a close enough round, and one that Jean made more about him based on expectations coming in, until Crawford landed a beautiful counter right hand that sent Jean to the mat.


    Jean got up easily and lucky for him he was able to walk straight to his corner as the bell sounded.


    Crawford started to show out more and more as each round passed. He was masterful with his jab and used it to set up unconventional follow up punches. His ring generalship was amazing to watch, it was a methodical approach set up moments in advance. If he landed on Jean on one side of the ring, it was set up from the other side of it.


    Aside from the real-estate, Crawford’s combination punching was as fluid as it’s ever been and he was wasting little energy.


    The crowd was very energetic and super in to the fight. The arena was buzzing and the energy was resonating with the fighters.


    Jean, to some surprise, refused to use his athleticism to stay away and minimize the damage he received. Instead, Jean got in what he could when he could, and he landed some meaningful punches, but it was miniscule by comparison to Crawford’s offense.


    Jean landed a huge right hand twice and a solid left in one round and put together a handful of one and done attacks. Still, Crawford was the one stringing together real offense.


    After Crawford dominated most aspects of the fight for a few rounds, he put Jean on the canvas once again in the 9th round. Jean made it to his feet, but it was obvious that he was on his last leg and the end was near.


    Crawford sensed his opponent’s reluctance and exploited the opportunity by chasing him down in round 10. Jean was quite literally on his bike and for the first time in the fight he was running from the action, this after a couple of firefights in round 6 and round 8, exchanges that Crawford won but were predicated on Jean’s will to fight back even though he was receiving damage.


    Crawford finally caught Jean and sent him into the ropes, which prompted referee Tony Weeks to wave off the fight.


    There were rumors that Crawford was on the shortlist to fight Manny Pacquiao over the past few weeks. Those rumors were confirmed at the fight and it seems as though he is the primary choice.


    Crawford said he was ready for Pacquiao in the post-fight interview and that he would allow his manager Cameron Dunkin to get it done.