Curtis Stevens Wins In Defeat


Not many were giving Curtis Stevens anything more than a puncher’s chance this past Saturday against Gennady Golovkin. Stevens did most of the talking in the lead up to the fight, even staging a mock funeral telling Golovkin, he was a dead man. So given that extra motivation to Golovkin, and the ghosts of losing to Jessie Brinkley, it was all but inevitable that Stevens would lose right?

Well Stevens did lose, but he also won with the valiant effort he displayed against Golovkin. Stevens took two big left hooks to the chin in the 2nd around, took the first one well, and then was dropped by the second. Stevens got up with about 15 seconds left in the round, survived and continued to fight. He answered the question of whether Golovkin’s chin was able to hold up to a big puncher. He also answered some questions for himself, Stevens is a durable middleweight that will likely be back on your HBO screen because of the effort he put         forth taking chances to land on Golovkin and also eating some of Golovkin’s best body shots.

Stevens was short and sweet when asked about his reaction to his corner stopping the fight.

“I have nothing to be ashamed of; I showed more in a loss than in some of my wins. I did more than people thought I would. This isn’t the end for me. I will learn from my mistakes and I’ll be back,” Stevens told the media.

He certainly will be back whether it’s on the NBC Sports Network that built him or on HBO where he gained fans after the fight. Speaking to his promoter from Main Events, Kathy Duva, it seems like the network does want to bring him back, as they should.

“They’re actually talking about bringing him back. I think that guy we say in the ring tonight (Golovkin) beats every other middleweight in the world. As for Curtis, he’s exciting he’s fun, he’s explosive. He’s a guy the fans want to see,” explained Duva.

Duva also feels that Stevens has come a long way since the Brinkley loss and is actually one of the better middleweights in the world.

“I think you’re right I think he’s finally banished the ghost of Jesse Brinkley, he’s not the same guy that fought that night. He’s just going to better and come back. He’s going to get right back in the mix. He’s did us proud, he made fans tonight, he made a lot of new fans.”

In boxing, a loss shouldn’t be the end of the world especially if you put up a valiant effort and showed your grit. For Stevens a loss is always tough but in the long run, his HBO debut wasn’t a gimme and he was a major underdog. Now not only do the fans want to see him again, so does HBO, which is just as important. Stevens let it all hang out and was saved by his corner and what I considered a great stoppage, so he can see another fight and most likely fight on HBO.

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