Casey Morton Added To Dec.7th Card


Casey Morton is not even professional and though she will be making her debut for Paco Presents Boxing & Don Chargin Promotions as an amateur. The story begins with an apology, in September I ran a story about Casey, “Beautiful Brawlers III” featuring Morton as a favor to a friend.

I had crafted my article based on references off the internet. The problem was that the information on the internet about Casey Morton was outdated and the story I ran just as dated. This is not just an article on Morton’s biggest fight to date, but an apology to her and her camp because for the last several months when you google her name, you would see a story with inaccurate details.

Morton, who will be making her debut for the predominately professional promotion will be looking to test the water in Redwood City, California. She will be battling near her home gym of Undisputed Boxing. Morton explained, “I am honored to be a part of this event. I have worked so very hard to get to this point in my career.”  As an amateur boxer it is rare you get to fight at home and this is an opportunity that Morton looks to take full advantage of.

On top of this, Undisputed Boxing Gym has been on quite a run with Bruno Escalante fighting for the IBA title on this card as well as hot prospect Andy Vences looking to continue his demolition of the 130 lbs. division.

Morton who looks to make her professional debut in the summer of 2014. It was only the lack of having a full time coach that delayed the inevitable. “I lacked a full time coach and team able to take me pro. Now that my prayers have been answered, I couldn’t ask for a better fight family. Brian Scwartz, Mike Bazzle, Dan Wong, Herb Stone, Lorin Chvotkin, and the rest of my support system in and out of the gym.”

For Morton it is an opportunity that she has been waiting for as women’s boxing has long been known for putting on great fights. Yet women’s boxing has been relegated to a lower level by some boxing fans due to sexism and a lack of willingness to embrace the fighters. “At one point women were not allowed to train in gyms,” Morton explained.  “London 2012 Olympics Games featured 3 females boxing weight classes for the first time in history. Now days it is common to see stand out female bouts on local amateur shows as well as big professional fight cards. The more we keep fighting for what we believe in and love, by default we help the sport as a whole in hopes that one day women will no longer be a minority in boxing.”

Though the roadwork has been laid an unsettling trend has seen some of the Northern California’s biggest stars in women’s boxing head south to Mexico to get big fights and stay active. Examples such as Ava Kinght and Ana Julaton fit that profile. Morton, who is known for her show stealing style, will hope to calm the skeptics as well as bring new eyes to a part of the sweet science.  The self-described boxing orphan who headed to the nationals for years just to gain experience, now feels as though it is her moment as the pieces are coming together.

Morton, who has been cornered by a who’s who of Bay Area boxing gyms in her distinguished amateur career. After a sparring session with Marlene Esparza she found herself without a corner. Enter Bruno Escalante, who happened to be at the gym and not just cornered Morton, but helped with the warm ups as well. “Following that session he offered to come to my gym and work with me for no other reason than to help another person reach her dream.” Escalante, who is competing for the IBA title on the same card is now in the prime of his career and slowly began to focus on his career is still helping with Morton, but enter Brian Schwartz.

“I couldn’t ask for a better coach. Now that I have the missing puzzle pieces, I am ready to take on the pros by storm,” Morton said in reference to her coach. As Undisputed Boxing Gym has created the comfort and solace that Morton’s career had not had up until this point she is preparing to move to another level. Morton continued to rave and glow with pride over her new home at Undisputed Boxing Gym. Morton noted that it doesn’t hurt to see all the pros on TV training hard daily as well.

For more information about the December 7th, 2013 card in Redwood City at The Sports House featuring both Casey Morton and Bruno Escalante please visit for ticket information. Ticket will also be available at Undisputed Boxing Gym, which can be contacted at (650) 631-3781.