Daniel Geale vs. Jarrod Fletcher: Preview and Prediction


untitledDaniel Geale (30-3, 16 Ko’s) is a 3 to 1 favorite coming into the fight against Jarrod Fletcher (18-2, 10 Ko’s). With those odds one might assume this is suppose to be an easy bounce back fight for Geale after suffering a knockout loss from Gennady Golovkin, but it’s far from it. This bout promises to be very competitive, filled with plenty of back and forth action. Both Geale and Fletcher have known each other for many years, and assisted one another for recent fights. Now they have an opportunity to determine who is in fact the better man under the bright lights on December 3, in New South Wales, Australia.

 Here is the Breakdown of the Fight


Daniel Geale will enter the ring at 5’10 with a 71-inch reach. Jarrod Fletcher has a nearly identical stature standing at 5’10½ with a 70-inch reach. Neither fighter will have any size advantage over his opponent.



 Geale is a very active fighter. He prefers to fight in mid-range, and close the distance by ducking under any offensive attack to get in the inside and launching a quick combination. Geale relies heavily on his high level of activity to carry the momentum throughout the fight, but has also shown the ability to shoot a good jab when trying to neutralize his opponent’s jab.


Fletcher behaves as a boxer by establishing the jab, and trying to land his shots from a distance. When his jab starts being countered, or he stops throwing it, he can get really uncomfortable. When an opponent closes the gap on Fletcher, his instinct is become a brawler in spurts. This might be viewed as a disadvantage for Fletcher against someone like Geale, but Fletcher will probably have some success during exchanges. Even if Fletcher gets slightly outworked during rounds, he should be able to hold his ground and land solid punches of his own.



Geale is an underrated defensive fighter. He constantly gives short juddering movement to always give his opponents a different look. He also uses subtle footwork to avoid shots, and has a very good habit of keeping his hands up for the majority of the fight.

When Geale throws his combinations on the inside, he tends to stay low to have punches sail over his head while delivering his own. He also does a good job of pivoting his foot on the inside to limit his opponent’s single power shots to the body.

Despite Geale having good defensive techniques, he is still very hittable due to the fact he gets into a lot of exchanges. He also fights in spurts and have lulls in his defensive game by remaining stationary, which leaves him susceptible to punches around his high guard at times.


Fletcher is also a decent defensive fighter. He uses lateral movement and subtle footwork to avoid punches, but is not slick enough to constantly avoid Geale’s punches and will eventually be drawn into a slug fest.

On the inside Fletcher has the same issue as Geale, he is susceptible to punches around his high guard while remaining stationary during his defensive lapses in the fight.

Power and Chin


Geale is not known to be a big puncher, but certainly has enough power to stun Fletcher multiple times if he consistently lands clean punches.


Fletcher is not a strong puncher, but can grab Geale’s attention if he lands solid combinations. Fletcher probably won’t be able to knock Geale down due to Geale’s reputation of being a sturdy fighter.


This will be a competitive match-up from start to finish.

Fletcher will start off the bout with lateral movement, and try to outbox Geale. As soon as Fletcher realizes he is not slick enough to prevent Geale from landing punches on the outside, he will begin engaging Geale in multiple spurts. Fletcher will rely on his precision, and Geale will depend on his high level of activity.

It may ultimately come down to, who can out-hustle who. Both fighters are not the greatest defenders, but are willing to go out on their shields. Since Geale’s natural style is to win fights by outworking his opponents, he is favored to win in this style of match-up, but Fletcher remains dangerous. The pick is Geale by unanimous decision, but he cannot afford to have an off night.