Danny Garcia Finally Getting The Star Treatment He Deserves In The Morales Rematch

    Looks like a star, Now Danny Garcia is one and will be treated like one

     Some stars are born and some stars are made. The difference is the fighter that makes himself a star, usually proves his worth in the ring with no help from media, or big promoters, and no gold medals from the Olympics; just his very own in the ring achievements, defying the odds in hopes of being great and then getting the opportunity to prove it. Danny Garcia is a self-made, genuine fighter, and nothing has been given to him. “I told my manager you don’t have to baby me, I’m a grown man. I’m going to go in there [Ring] do what I got to do, you don’t have to pick the right fights or none of that,” said Garcia.

    Come October 20, Danny Garcia has his opportunity to be treated like the star, both he and his dad Angel Garcia always felt he was. Garcia is going up against a familiar face in Eric Morales; Morales decided to exercise the rematch clause from their first fight. The rematch will be Garcia’s first headlining fight or at least the first one where he will be in the red corner and a lot closer to home on the east coast. Unbeaten Danny Garcia will defend his light-welterweight world titles in the first major title fight in Brooklyn for more than half a century; opening up the new Barclay center. “Ah man it feels great, it’s just a dream come true. My first couple fights coming up I used to fight on a lot of big under-cards and it used to be nobody in the stadium. I remember fighting on the [Floyd] Mayweather vs Ricky Hatton under-card, it was early, nobody was there, and the main event came there was like 16,000 people there [He noted to himself] I was like, I got a lot of work to do. It just motivated me just being on those little cards and what hard work does, I knew I had to put a lot of hard work in to be a main event, and it came so fast I just been truly blessed,” said Garcia.

    The 24-year-old Garcia (24-0, 15 KOs), of Philadelphia, won a vacant title on March 24th in Houston by dropping Morales in the 11th round and winning a unanimous decision. Morales had his moments in the fight, but it seemed as if Garcia could have finished him one of the numerous times he had Morales’ back against the ropes. “To be honest I think it’s going to be a better fight than the first fight man, he’s expecting me to come hard I know he’s going to go hard, he better make weight this time or I’m going to make him lose it. Believe it or not those last two pounds man, he came in the next day 155 pounds, those last two pounds, he just saved a lot of energy because you know it takes a lot of energy to lose that extra weight and it saves your chin. I’m expecting a better fight, he thinks he knows me better, I think I know him better, he can train hard but I’m a train harder. I think I could have done a lot of things better, you know it was my first time on HBO against a legend for the title. I was a little hesitant but this time I feel like I’m having no respect for him,” added Garcia.

    Morales had been stripped of the belt at the previous day’s weigh-in for coming in overweight. “He better make weight this time or I’ll beat the pounds off this time.” Erik Morales came in overweight for his WBC junior welterweight title defense against Danny Garcia and had been stripped of the title. After coming in at 142 pounds Morales did not try to take off the weight, instead opting to take advantage of the extra poundage and immediately started to rehydrate and suffering the consequences.

    In addition to being stripped of his title, Morales had given $50,000 of his $1,000,000 purse to Garcia who saw his pay jump to $225,000. “I think the real price for coming in over weight is supposed to be 20% 10 for the commissioner and 10 for the boxer so I’m making sure I get that in there man, because I need that 10% to buy a new car. The (Chevy) Camaro actually, he bought me that, he came in a few pounds overweight and they gave me the $50,000, I used that and went and bought the Camaro, so I didn’t even touch my money yet so I thank him for that,” laughed Garcia.

    It’s a rare commodity to see a fighter on the level of Garcia fight so often and continuously test himself versus solid opponents. With Garcia’s new found confidence, this match up has the makings of a war because I doubt after Garcia’s statements that he’ll be hesitant in the rematch, plus the financial rewards he’s seeking; I don’t see Morales having a chance in a sold-out crowd of pro Garcia fans. “I’m happy because like I said those first two fights, the first one against Morales, I was young and I was inexperience and then this [Khan fight] I was the underdog, even though I was fighting a lot. Now this [Morales rematch] right here the ball is in my court. I’m getting paid how I want to get paid, everything on my side, maybe after this we can probably slow it down a little bit or just keep every three to four months, I’m a fighter, that’s what I do so when the phone rings I’m always in the gym and I’m ready to go.”


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