Danny Garcia On His Future at 140 and a Fight With Lamont Peterson


    Three weeks out before his fight with Mauricio Herrera, Danny Garcia seemed like he’s training for the biggest bout of his life. He’s already been in there with the likes of Amir Khan and Lucas Matthysse in bouts where he was the heavy underdog. Garcia remembers a bout with Amir Khan where his team was taking taxivans to the fight while Khan and his team were taking limos. Now its about him in this fight with Herrera and he’s the favorite.

    But why Herrera? He could have gone with a much easier opponent or much more difficult opponent, or he could have moved up to pack his resume for a Floyd Mayweather fight.

    “He was an opponent that my manager asked if he was ok to fight. My manager does his job, gets the fight, my promoter does the event, and I do my job which is fight. I don’t pick my fight, my manager does,” Garcia told ThaBoxingVoice.com.

    It seems to be a recurring answer with fighters especially Al Haymon fighters, the fighters just fight, they don’t pick the  fights. But Garcia wants to build his momenetum from his Matthysse fight and continue to headline fights in Puerto Rico or even one day headline a fight on the eve of a Puerto Rican Parade, much like Miguel Cotto and Top Rank have made it an event in New York.

    “I think that would be a great idea but we got to get past this fight first, we can’t look ahead. I’m looking forward to March 15th and then we see what happens after. But yea, fights in New York, Philly, Puerto Rico, and Orlando with a heavy Rican population, i’d love that,” stated Garcia.

    Garcia has cleaned up the 140lb division as best as he possibly could because of the on going cold war. So the question was posed to Garcia if he thinks he should remain at 140 and for how long being that he is the champion in the divsion. Garcia’s response was, ” I really don’t know. I’m a 140 lb fighter. It takes a lot of work and sacrifice making the weight. I still feel good. My legs and my chin feel good, my vision is good. When I start to feel weak and I’m not performing right cuz I cant make the weight, then I’ll move up.”

    If he doesn’t move up, he’s still the hunted. He has the WBA and WBC versions along with The Ring belt at 140 lbs,while Ruslan Provodnikov has the WBO and Lamont Peterson who has recently called him out, holds the IBF.

    On a possible showdown with Peterson down the line, Garcia feels the fight doesn’t make sense until Lamont beats a credible fighter.

    “I think he’s (Peterson) a good fighter. I just beat somebody he got knocked out by so how does that make sense? At least beat a top fighter. I’ve been beating all these top fighters. He just beat the guy from Canada (Diery Jean) and that was a good win but he wasn’t a top fighter. He definitely has to beat a top fighter before he comes at me. That belt would have been mine anyway if him and Matthyse would fought for it,” explained Garcia.

    His opponent, Herrera told us that he feels his fight with Danny Garcia won’t be as tough as a fight he had with Ruslan Provodnikov. Herrera won his fight with Provodnikov and Garcia felt a little disrespected by that comment.

    “That fight with the Russian dude (Provodnikov),  it wasn’t even a world class fight. I don’t think he’s even fought for a world title fight. So how can he say it’s harder fight when a world title fight is on a whole different level? At the end of the day, he could say whatever he wants to say, when he’s in there with true champion and getting hit, they can say what they. But once they get hit it’s a different story.”


    For audio of this interview click here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thaboxingvoiceradio/2014/02/21/danny-garcia-angel-garcia-plus-adam-abramowitz-live-tha-boxing-voice