De La Hoya: Mayweather-Pacquiao “It could be a very boring fight,”


640_oscar_de_la_hoya_jbottari_040513_168057391Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao is the biggest fight financially to make, so big that all those involved feel there is no need to do a gigantic press tour. So big that there will be only one press stop in Los Angles next week open to media only. Most fans that have waited for this fight may not be able to score tickets or experience the hype instead will have to purchase a very expensive pay-per-view come May 2nd.

Oscar De La Hoya knows a thing or two about pay-per-views but feels the lateness of the fight might hurt the event in terms of all-time great events in boxing.

“The fight really only matters financially now,” De La Hoya told ESPN Deportes. It’s going to probably end up having 3 million pay-per-view buys. But in terms of all-time great events, it’s not Ali-Frazier. It could have been if it happened five years ago.”

De La Hoya hope the fight delivers in terms of actions and doesn’t put the eyes of the world to sleep because that doesn’t happen all the time in boxing anymore. For that to happen, De La Hoya feels Pacquiao has to be the aggressor.

“Pacquiao needs to fight this fight angry,” explained De La Hoya. “He has to attack and throw a lot of punches. He can’t get tired. He has to use his feet to move laterally. He has to use his angles. If he does that, he has a good chance to win.

De La Hoya feels that if Mayweather sits in the pocket, it will be exciting.

“If Mayweather gets on his bicycle and boxes from distance using his jab, just doing enough to win the round, it could be a very boring fight,” explained De La Hoya. “I think the excitement of this fight is in Pacquiao’s hands and he has to attack every second of every round.”

De La Hoya feels lefties always give Mayweather trouble, especially those with speed like Pacquiao and Zab Judah, who De La Hoya says was never credited with a knockdown on Mayweather. But De La Hoya says, ‘Pacquiao has a great chance of winning the fight. His conditioning, angles, and lateral movement will be the key. He has to throw a lot of punches in all 12 rounds if necessary.”