De La Hoya on Matthysse Vs. Provodnikov: “That Fight Is Gonna Happen”


Oscar+De+La+Hoya+Floyd+Mayweather+Jr+v+Robert+8N5kuQjKEzflThe boxing community’s mouths are watering in anticipation of what could be the most action packed and brutal fight of 2015; Matthysse Vs. Provodnikov. There has been talk over the past few weeks that the fight is as good as done. Golden Boy Promotions founder Oscar De La Hoya was happy to inform that the deal is “practically done”.

De La Hoya said, “That fight is practically done. Now Provodnikov’s promoter, our partner in the fight, is looking to just tie up a few loose ends but I can assure you that that fight is gonna happen.”

During a time when fans become more and more skeptical about their chances of seeing “dream matchups” in the sport, it is encouraging to hear that something like this is inching closer to reality. Between Matthysse’s devastating punching power and Provodnikov’s relentless pressure and granite chin, this junior welterweight confrontation has all the makings of a “Fight of the Year”.