NO VACANCY: Mayweather-Pacquiao Selling Out Vegas


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Earlier this evening I wrote about the 5,043 room MGM Grand Hotel already being booked solid for May 2nd just minutes after Floyd Mayweather’s his fight with Pacquiao official.


To further illustrate just how big this fight is becoming, in the 8 hours since Floyd broke the news, The Wynn (2,716 rooms), The Encore (2,034 rooms) and The Cosmopolitan (2,995 rooms) have all been booked up for May 2nd.
That is a total of 12,788 rooms rendered unavailable within the first 8 hours, and we are only accounting for 4 of the 30+ major resorts on the Las Vegas Strip. This fight is already exceeding expectations, which seemed like an impossibility as recently as this morning.
I believe it goes without saying that if you were expecting to stay on “The Strip” on May 2nd, it would be in your best interest to book your room immediately.