De La Hoya: ‘Turning 50 Is Like Turning 25 for Hopkins’


    HopkinsPrepares4Dawson_Hoganphotos-8-500x376At the Bernard Hopkins press work out yesterday, Oscar De La Hoya, promotor and former victim of Bernard ‘The Alien’ Hopkins, spoke about his admiration for the 49-year old legend.

    “In any sport, we will never ever see a Hopkins again. A person that is 50-years old and is competing at the highest level. It is amazing,” De La Hoya said to the press that had gathered together for the media day.

    When Hopkins and De La Hoya fought each other, Hopkins was 38-years old. The president of Golden Boy Promotions admitted that he never thought it would be possible that Hopkins would still be fighting in 2014.

    “I couldn’t see it back then. When he turned 40, people were scratching their head, asking themselves, when is he going to retire? Ten years later, he is still going strong.”

    “It is simply amazing. For Hopkins, tuning 50 is like turning 25”, De La Hoya jokingly concluded.