Deontay Wilder Puts Stiverne on Notice


    The heavyweight plateau has been wiped away by the dominance of the Klitschkos, but recently some new up and coming guys have tried to shove their way into the spotlight. Deontay Wilder is 1 of those trying to make a bigger name for himself. He is the only fighter in history to be 31-0 with 31 KOs. After beating Malik Scott in March in Puerto Rico, Wilder has been waiting for his chance to get a title shot. After watching Bermane Stiverne beat Chris Arreola for the 2nd time, Wilder has been asking for his shot.

    Now that the dusk as settle down a little bit, Wilder feels it’s his time and that Stiverne has been avoiding him. Tonight he released a video named “The Call Out”, which entails him and his team calling out for Stiverne to make a date for them to fight. Wilder seems hungry to get his 1st world title and all he wants is for the I’s to be dotted and the T’s the be crossed. The 6’7 Wilder has a bark as big as his bite when he yells, “BOMBSQUAD”, now he just hopes he can show how big his bite is as he tries to capture the WBC Heavyweight title.

    The video that Wilder and his team have put out is below in full: