Devin Reti on Flavio Michel: He’ll Be A Fish Out Of Water


    Julio Garcia

    A battle between Devin Reti and Flavio Michel western Canada’s top two welterweights has been brewing for quite some time.  The two fighters had bouts just one day apart earlier this month,  both fighters were victorious.  After Reti’s fight, he proceeded to call out Michel and said they could fight in Edmonton or Calgary.

    Last week Tha Boxing Voice reached out to Michel about Reti’s comments and Michel had stated that if they were to fight in Calgary, Michel would have no chance as Reti’s father worked for the commission which Reti and his promoter stated was false. A fight between the two would also take place twice, one in each fighters home town.
    “He’s not on the commission,” Reti told Tha  Boxing Voice. “He used to be on the Alberta boxing amateur board which he resigned from. He’s never had any association with professional boxing.  Totally out of the ballpark from Flavio. He’s making excuses already.”
    Michel had criticized the opposition that Reti has faced in the past claiming that Reti is unwilling to face an undefeated fighter. Reti reiterated that Michel had only fought one undefeated fighter in the past.
    “The problem isn’t that I’m not willing to fight undefeated fighters it’s whether or not they are willing to fight me. Attempts have been made to make such fights happen but there were no takers thus far.  There seems to be too much emphasis on the 0 when there are fighters with losses that are legit and willing to fight anyone at any time.  Flavio has only beaten one undefeated fighter who was a lightweight and came up short the next time. If you want to compare records my opponents won 56 bouts his opponents only won 36. My opponents by far have more experience. It’s he who has the weak record. Numbers don’t lie
    Flavio’s opponents
    64 losses
    36 wins =
    Total bouts = 100 56% win
    My opponents.
    87 losses
    56 wins =
    Total bouts = 143 64% Wins
    Not only were my opponents almost 50% more experienced they have a significantly better win percentage. So who has the padded record.”
    Michel had stated that he would bring the fire the likes Reti had never seen before but Reti says he is ready for what us to come.
    “All I would like to say is that Flavio will be a fish out of water when he shares the ring with me. I’ll expose this in the ring”
    Julio Garcia