Devon Alexander: Ready For Randall Bailey’s Right Hand And World Title


    The Welterweight division has long been a glamour division in boxing. Of course at the top of the division are the two best pound for pound fighters in the world in Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Manny Pacquiao. However, after those two names, the division seems to be wide open for other boxers in the division to make a name for themselves. On September 8 on Showtime, newly crowned IBF welterweight champion, Randall “KO King” Bailey, and top ten welterweight contender, Devon Alexander “The Great” look to do just that.

    Devon Alexander moved up in weight in February of this year and impressed with his dominating victory over hard-punching Marcos Maidana. Alexander knows he has an excellent opportunity and doesn’t look to squander it. “I’m excited about this fight especially since it’s a title fight and it’s a true test. If I win, it will be huge and a lot of doors will open for me in boxing and in my division,” Alexander told

    Bailey is coming off an upset knockout victory of Mike Jones on the Pacquiao-Bradley undercard and has one punch power that some compare to the great Julian Jackson. Alexander knows that and says, “His right hand is his best chance to win but without giving things away, we’re going to be ready for that. Randall is a veteran so I’m sure he’ll be prepared too.”

    Alexander will likely by the favorite once the odds have been established. But if Bailey’s last victory along with Josesito Lopez’ big upset last Saturday over Victor Ortiz tells us anything,  is that the odds makers aren’t always right. Alexander knows that and has been put on attention. “The Lopez-Ortiz fight was an awesome fight. I enjoyed it because Lopez came to win. I learned back when I first started boxing that you can’t take anyone lightly. You have to go out there like your opponent is pound for pound and go to work,” stated Alexander.

    The specifics of the fight are being finalized but Devon Alexander hopes that the fight has random Olympic style drug testing. With the recent news of boxers testing positive for banned substances, Alexander feels, “It’s only fair. I would like to have the testing because of all the issues now a days and it just has everybody wondering about boxer’s being clean or not.”

    It’s has not been finalized yet, whether the fight will take place in Alexander’s hometown of St. Louis, where Devon is a proven draw. Some people feel that Alexander has been on the good end of very close decisions in his hometown. Bailey was recently on ThaBoxingVoice Radio show,  where he said vehemtly that if he fought Alexander,  it wouldn’t go to the judges because he would knock Alexander out. Alexander said, “Hey everyone on this level of boxing has the ability to get the knockout. On September 8th, we’ll see”.

    Should he come out victorious, Alexander has one thing on his mind, taking on the guys at the top of his division.  “I want the pound for pound guys after this. You know who they are; Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao, and even a Tim Bradley rematch. But first thing’s fight, September 8th and Randall Bailey.”