Eddie Hearn Eyes Kell Brook vs Frankie Gavin


??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Head of Matchroom Sports Eddie Hearn had plenty to say regarding his newest recruit after a press conference. The announcement of the arrival of British and Commonwealth welterweight champion Frankie Gavin (21-1, 13KO’s) into his ever-expanding collection of fighters.

Gavin has was signed to Hearn’s rival Frank Warren since his first pro outing in 2008, but has been unable to establish himself in the public consciousness. Perhaps a need for change is what helped his defection to the opposition transpire so easily. Hearns said the deal was an easy one to make when speaking with an English representative for FIGHTHYPE.COM.

“It took about half an hour to be honest with you. We spoke on the phone; he told me he out of contract and ready to have a chat. He came into the office, I told him I’m sick and tired of seeing him miserable and not with a smile on his face, especially when he’s fighting, and we had a good chat and he left the office and he was buzzing, and now we’re here.”

He was very blase considering he just signed one of the most talented fighters in the country, but then Hearn is a man with a plan and he’s got all the pieces in place to ensure his latest acquisition has no reason to appear grumpy from here on in.

“It’s a Five fight deal, initially, March 28th at the Sheffield Arena for the Kell Brook card; he’ll be on there. He’ll headline here at the NIA[now The Barclaycard Arena] and everything’s in front of him. He’s got all the dates he needs, he’s got the platform he needs, the broadcaster he needs, and it’s time to shine.”

At 29 years, old time is of the essence now for Gavin. Who up until this point has rarely been required to box outside himself in order to pull out the win, such is the ability that he possesses? While this is impressive in terms of how clearly he has out-skilled most of his opponents so far. Sometimes he goes on auto-pilot, and it can lead to a fight difficult to appreciate for those watching from a casual perspective. Hearn looks at this dimension of Gavin’s career as a consequence of mismanagement on the part of his competitor Frank Warren.

“Well for a start I think he’s been matched poorly to be honest with you. No disrespect to those fighters, it doesn’t mean they’re bad fighters who he’s fought but Bradley Pryce, Bradley Skeete, even Jason Wellborn, those kinds of fighters. You put him in with Denton Vassell and watch him go. He can still fight any style, but you gotta make him look exciting, you got to make people enjoy watching him. I think he’s got to go into fights where he can look great, and that’s in a fight against someone who comes forward and is aggressive and likes to fight.”

Gavin is undoubtedly at his best when playing the matador to the charging bull, and the Vassell fight Hearn alluded to is a great example of that. Hearn also believes that Gavin thrives on the big occasion and needs something to get his blood boiling to perform at his peak.

“He’s one of those fighters, he’s a ‘buzz’ fighter a bit like James Degale; he’s very technically gifted and he’s got a lot of natural skill and those fighters, they need to box with a smile on their face, they need to love what they’re doing.”

Providing arena shows for Gavin to headline should surely facilitate this ‘buzz’ factor, and if the fighter builds up enough momentum he will definitely have his eyes on the the IBF welterweight belt around his now comrade Kell Brook’s waist. But Hearn was rather blunt in assessing how close Gavin is to actually facing one of the leaders in the division, though he plans to elevate him into a position where that fight makes sense.

“Not that close right now, but it’s the obvious move in time. I need to build that fight into a fight that’s going to be a huge pay-per-view fight, and it’s not yet. So Kell, after the JoJo Dan fight is looking for that big marquee name for a pay-per-view date. In twelve months time that could be Frankie and by the time the next mandatory comes round, that’ll probably be the position he’s in.”

As for the champion’s willingness to take a match against a slick southpaw with such a vast array of skills:

“Kell would be up for that fight no problem if it’s big enough and it’s not yet. Not enough people know about Frankie Gavin and that’s about to change.”

Being from the same city as Gavin I have been aware of how highly he is regarded for years. If that local profile can grow and spread nationwide then, Brook vs. Gavin for the welterweight championship of the world would be an event missed by few if it comes about in the next year or so.