Eddie Mustafa Muhammad Gives Khan a Better Chance Against Mayweather Than Pacquiao

    hqdefaultEddie Mustafa Muhammad gave his opinion on the big fight which is still in negotiations, Mayweather vs. Pacquiao. Muhammad shared his sentiments on the possibility of the fight coming to fruition and his opinion on what would happen in the fight.
    Being in the “The Money Team” camp (Floyd Mayweather’s stable) Muhammad was asked if he thinks Mayweather is really serious about taking this fight this time. Muhammad answered, “Floyd told me he is ready, and focused on Pacquiao.” Of course this is nothing the hardcore boxing fan hasn’t heard yet.
    Muhammad was later asked what will happen if the two mega stars were to fight and Muhammad responded, “I say Floyd outboxes him easy!” Muhammad goes on to explain why. “Manny got bad footwork!  Floyd would hit him whenever he wants to hit him.” The majority of fight fans know the roller coaster ride that is Mayweather vs. Pacquiao. There are tons of reasons on why it’s not happening and tons of reasons on why it should. So in case we are being led astray once again we need to discuss other potential fights for these fighters.  We asked Muhammad about a much talked about Khan vs. Mayweather fight.
    Muhammad answered, “It would be a great fight. Khan got speed, size and a good left hand. In my opinion it would be a chess match.”
    Seems like Muhammad may give Khan a better shot at Mayweather than Pacquiao. While we all wait for the announcement of the biggest fight on earth we can only speculate.  Let’s hope the fight happens in due time.