Freddie Roach Says That He’ll Be Circling May 2nd on His Calendar for Mayweather-Pacquiao


    imagesThe Mayweather-Pacquaio negotiations are no stranger to debacles. There have been many instances where certain rumors and speculations, entice the boxing world, that indeed the dream fight will finally come into fruition. Each and every time this occurred, fight fans were left with a bitter taste, as again both parties continuously failed to come to an agreement, thus leaving people immune to the hearsay from media outlets, and the common man in the street.

    After years of relative silence, negotiation talks are once again transpiring and are stirring up a bit of interest into even the deepest skeptics. Whether it’s optimism, or doubtfulness everyone has an opinion they want to share. Recently HBO’s, The Fight Game with Jim Lampley, gave Freddie Roach the opportunity to discuss his opinion on these matters.

    Roach’s intake was, “I think [Mayweather-Pacquiao] would be a great gift for the whole world.” Roach explained he had conversations with Bob Arum, and the CBS Chairman Les Moonves, trying to induce them into making this bout a reality. Roach expressed, “This is the only way we are going to get this fight done. We get both sides talking. This is the biggest fight in the world lets make it happen.”

    Roach went on to say, “You know they know each other so well, and they have some bad blood between them business wise, but they’ll get over that. They started negotiating like one guy says lets put in in Dallas Stadium, and another guy says well you know this is a Vegas fight.” In regards to location, Roach stated, “It is a Vegas fight.”

    It was also discussed how both fighters being on opposing networks may present a problem. Roach insisted both networks should work out an alliance partnership deal, such as the one they accomplished in 2002. He explained, “Mike Tyson fought Lennox Lewis, they used both [Showtime and HBO] and it came out fine. We can do that again.” This seems as the most plausible solution to the Mayweather-Pacquiao ordeal, but it might create some nuisances such as: Will both companies have their logos on the screen? Who will be the announcer, Michael Buffer or Jimmy Lennon Jr.? Will there be a neutral broadcast team? And of course, how will the revenue be divided?

    Roach also mentioned, that implementing a multi fight contract deal would be beneficial. “Possibly we’ll do a multi fight contract, I thought that was the best idea in the world,” Roach said. “I’d love to see these guys fight more than once, if they split the first two, then the third could be a rubber match, and we’d have three big fights.”

    As far as the fight itself Roach explained, “I can’t wait to get ready for Floyd because he is a challenge. I have a great fighter, but we have to fight the perfect fight to win this fight I know that. Pacquiao will need to do certain things be a little meaner be a little more feisty.”

    When asked if he will be circling May 2nd for a Mayweather-Pacquiao bout, Roach said, “I am. It needs to happen for both guys.”