Evander Holyfield Looks Every Bit His Age In Training


    When you are young the saying “age ain’t nothing but a number” rings true for many situations in life. When you get older you realize that’s a crock of shit and there are consequences for doing what young people do.

    The fight game is not friendly to fighters especially in the heavyweight division. Careers do not last as long as they do in the lower divisions and the damage you take poses a greater risk of death.

    When Mike Tyson announced he was coming back to fight Roy Jones Jr. people said he was fucking nuts! Fighting in your 50’s? There was a legit fear that both fighters could die from the fight. When video of Tyson training surfaced attitudes changed. There were still skeptics out there but many felt little to no injuries would come from the fight (at least in regards to Tyson).

    The same cannot be said about Evander Holyfield. Holyfield is making his ring return at the age of 58. His last fight took place over ten years ago. Unlike Tyson, Holyfield looks his age in training. He’s jacked for sure but it seems speed and power really are not there for him anymore. Will it make a difference for him especially for fighting a MMA fighter?

    Holyfield feels the fact that they are in a boxing match benefits him but Vitor Belfort is 14 years younger. His youth is a huge advantage. He may have a speed and power advantage as well.

    Holyfield definitely looks his age. It’s a miracle the fight got sanctioned but for all we know he could be fucking with us letting those videos get out. If the videos were not misleading then whoever approved the bout needs to have criminal charges laid on them if anything happens.