Experience Over Youth: Vic Darchinyan Decisions Luis Del Valle

    Vic Darchinyan outwits the younger Luis Del Valle

    Luis “Orlandito” Del Valle was looking to be in line with other Puerto Rican greats in the boxing circle. Tonight was supposed to be his graduation from prospect to contender against a faded name in Vic Darchinyan. However as the theme of this card began, things don’t go according to plan.

    From the onset of the bout Darchinyan looked to make this fight ugly. That was his game plan and that’s what he accomplished, making it look ugly, and not letting Del Valle do what he wanted. In the beginning, it looked like Del Valle had some nerves in him and Darchinyan capitalized seemingly winning rounds with one punch, his left hand.

    Del Valle could not recover from the get go and was searching for a Darchinyan all night that just wasn’t there. When Del Valle did find Vic, Vic would tie up, land a left, and frustrate Del Valle. Del Valle’s best moment in the round was when he landed a right uppercut that shook the Armenian Raging Bull, nearly knocking him down.

    For Del Valle, it was too little too late as he was way behind on the scorecards and needed a knockdown to come back. That never came and the moment in Del Valle’s career where he was supposed to jump from prospect to contender is halted.

    For Darchinyan, he feels that, “I’m back. I’m back I feel good at this weight.  I feel strong, I work very hard. I felt I was in a different class that he was and it showed.”

    Darchinyan was making the move from 118 to 122 in a fight he was supposed to lose. However, the crafty veteran who many said was done and has lost his power says he has thrown his name in the hat for the top guys at 122. That remains to be seen, but Vic is still a name in boxing that some may want on their resume.

    For Del Valle, it was simple.  I am disappointed. Vic is an extremely awkward fighter.  I let him impose his style on me. My hats off to him, he was the better man tonight. But I will be back,” stated Del Valle.

    For the many Puerto Rican in attendance, it was another disappointment to add to the lackluster year many of its prospects had as the island search’s for the heir apparent to Miguel Cotto.