Fans Still Want Mayweather-Pacquiao?


Why are so many Floyd Mayweather fans suffering from Pacphobia now?  Mayweather fans flap their wings and ruffle their feathers, if you insinuate that you want to see, Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather next.  They ridicule the very notion, pointing out that the outcome is so very predictable and ask that Pac do more, to earn the fight.  To them I say get ready to see Pac vs. Floyd next, and like it!

It was an awesome weekend of boxing.  On HBO PPV the full fight card was entertaining and I was happy to pay the price, to see Pacquiao who still brings real entertainment as a prize fighter.  Pac looked sharp overall.  Although he does seem to have lost a step or two in terms of reflexes.

He still seems hungry. He certainly still demonstrated, world class level stamina, just as good as before if you ask me. He still has incredible hand and foot speed.  He still has snap and pop on his punches, Rios’ chin is just unreal.  Pac also got tagged here and there solidly and he took them very well. I still want to see Manny and Floyd share the ring for a scheduled 12 round fight! Now seem like the right time.

Bottom line is that we been waiting way to long, for this fight to go down.  Fuck the bullshit if it never happens, it will go down as the greatest prize fight in the history that was never made, for sure.  An unprecedented event in the history of boxing, from what I know.  No other fight that has garnered this much interest and demand, in the history and was never maid.  Even Lewis and Tyson managed to finally fight, in the last HBO and SHO collaboration, might I add.

Here again, they are going to have to put an end to the cold war, in order to get this gigantic event made.  I think that they take what they have in front of them, both fighters looked good and dominant in there last fight. Does this fight even need that much promotion?  It’s has been steady promoted for the last 4-5 already.